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There is no silver bullet for measuring shopper marketing eectiveness. The foundation
needs to be based on identifying available data and metrics as well investing in new
technologies. Collaboration eorts between manufacturers, retailers and third parties
are required to build the future scorecards”

Peter Townsend, SVP Strategy & Insights

Using P2 Insights to Influence Design
and Customer Experience

Understanding that sales and traffic flows are related is one part of the equation.
The more holistic
solution is making the shopping trip more logical and experiential.
This is done by understanding customer preferences with shopping patterns. We use
information and analytics to sell more products by modifying elements of the store layout.
Strategically modifying category adjacencies, anity product placements, displays and
end caps to identify and maximize incremental sales opportunities based on how your
customers shop your store(s).

Better Experiences Lead to Better Relationships

Today’s time-pressured customers reward retailers who successfully add value by making
their shopping experience easier and more relevant. Enriching the customer experience by
creating an experiential and engaging retail environment that is logical with product
placement and solutions. Building customer loyalty by responding to opportunities identified
through the metrics of in-store behavior. The right products in the right place, in stock,
convenient and easy to shop.

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