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The New Era of Shopper Marketing

Category Management as a process has been institutionalized in retail environments for well over a decade. It was designed to deal with the abundance of new data derived from the introduction of the UPC code and corresponding SKU tracking. 

Category Management has progressed a great deal. Driven by the demand for insights, Category Management is as much about ‘Integration’. New and better insights are derived by integrating data such as POS data with Planogram information to measure product turns and GMROI. Loyalty data integrated with POS data displays a new light on Assortment Optimization by looking at how your best shoppers select product.

Innovative ways to Integrate information Inspires Insight.

'Active Retailing' is the answer

New technologies and customer expectations are driving Retailers to manage a more ‘Active’ and personal relationship with their customers in order to build Loyalty.


Redefining the Retail Experience

The Moxie suite of services combines insights gathered from customer mapping, POS and loyalty data to create distinct communications and in-store environments that result in meaningful customer engagements.

 Available as stand alone offers or as a comprehensive package, our services include:

Customer Tracking  By mapping the shopping experience we track customers' in-store activity and overlay this data with basket contents to gain insight into how a shopping trip nets specific results.

Category Optimization – Using customer tracking and POS data the Moxie team uncovers opportunities to improve customer experience and store performance through SKU rationalization, flows & adjacency adjustments and enhanced affinity alignment.

Moxie uses new metrics and processes for the management of PoG compliance and OOS considerations. 


How We Do It

Using relevant metrics and Customer Insights, we develop solutions through customer tracking, strategic retail design, exceptional Category Optimization and Relationship Management to nurture truly loyal customers. Our capabilities include the ability to influence and communicate with customers, pre and post purchase as well as “real-time”, during the shopping occasion. We use the most current communication mediums, integrated software/middleware and leading edge hardware solutions to deliver real-time messaging. We build the ultimate relationship management conduit to leverage your brand at all critical touch points.

Understanding the customers in-store behaviour will help build better retail strategies for:

  • Store layouts

  • Category positioning

  • In-store marketing and promotions

  • Building better customer experiences

  • Enrich the customer’s life i.e. save time, offer solutions, provide value


No longer is measuring a store's performance based solely on point-of-sales adequate. Standards are required, new metrics that indicate the customers path to purchase.