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Privacy is our First Priority

We do not and will never collect any personally identifiable data without a consumer's explicit consent via opt-in. Our solutions help retailers deliver better shopping experiences. Our business is customer centric and we deliver customer-centric solutions to our clients. We also offer an easy to access opt-out option for all of our customers.

Retail analytics have been around for many years. The concept started with market research pioneers like Paco Underhill, who deployed researchers into stores to observe customer behavior through surveys and clipboards. He proved to the retail world that in-store behavioral analytics can enhance the way we shop.

However, as the world moved to the web, and e-commerce emerged as an important way to shop, web analytics became crucial to a retailer’s strategy so that they could deliver the best shopping experience possible. Now, as the mobile revolution gains traction, Moxie is delivering the next generation of analytics so that retailers can measure customer behavior in their stores just like they can online.

With these different generations of analytics, there is one thing that remains constant and that is the privacy of consumers. Whether it was market research or web analytics, the data collected has always been anonymous and aggregated into demographic buckets. Moxie’s solution technology has been built from the ground up with this legacy in mind.

With privacy as our top priority, Moxie’s mandate is to:

  1. Keep each client’s data secure and private.
  2. Never marry any personally identifiable consumer data to a specific device or behavior.
  3. Always allow consumers to opt out of Moxie’s service on its website as well as at any retailer using our technology solutions.

Ultimately, this is all about the consumer. With Moxie's solution, retailers are able to get continuous feedback on the in-store experience and optimize it for consumers.

Click here to opt out of the service.