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“There is nothing more unequal than the equal treatment of unequal people.”
–Thomas Jefferson

Today’s competitive environment requires a better and more effective way to do business. The competitive frame continues to expand for retailers. Largely devoid of any long term brand devotion todays shoppers are always looking peripherally for the next opportunity to switch and save. They are continually bombarded with messages and offers to switch stores or products. Price has become king. Many retailers today are using ‘Loyalty Programs’ as nothing more than electronic promotional price discount offers. The battle for truly valuable customers cannot be won on price alone. The opportunity is to go beyond traditional discount driven tactics. To understand not just ‘what’ customers are buying but answer the more critical question – why?

We believe that Loyalty is a result that is enabled by superior customer experience. Managing Loyalty Programs provides additional opportunities to better manage this customer experience. Shopper Centric Analytics can identify the most promising opportunities for a business to deliver results where one of the ultimate objectives is to grow its share of wallet. Integrating Loyalty card data with Transaction data allows for the science of mining for the Right Shoppers by using the Right Categories and the Right Tactics. Increase your marketing and merchandising effectiveness by investing in true Loyalty Management Programs.

Retailers who are effective in managing Loyalty Programs understand that it is a corporate wide response. These retailers are more attuned to needs of their customers. They develop a healthy relationship between the retail brands and the tribes of customers. This relationship is based on a value exchange. This exchange only works for customers if the data the loyalty program provides is used in a timely and relevant manner. Just like a highly radioactive element the value of the data decays quickly if not actioned in close proximity to the actual experience. Similarly it is imperative for a successful retailer to use the information available to communicate only those elements that are relevant to that segment or customer.

Moxie understands these elements. We understand that it is not about managing the tactics but developing the strategy. We work with you in understanding your objectives- what you hope to achieve and develop solutions, both near and long term strategies that Loyalty programs can solve. Moxie managed Loyalty Programs create powerful data driven customer insights that can be applied to everything from store design to direct promotional tools. We deliver a Loyalty Strategy that delivers a significant, quantifiable and constantly growing Return on Customer. We will help you maximize the potential of your loyalty program.