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The Untapped Potential of the
Retail Environment  

The Store is being recognized as the ‘medium’. Both Retailers and Manufacturers are realizing that new and better methods are available to truly understand how customers are behaving in the store environment and what can be done to influence or change this behaviour.


How We Redefine the Retail Experience

In the context of the retail sector, retail is fashion and has a relatively short lifespan. As such, Moxie Retail Branding & Design responds to the fashion and trend requirements of society, the desired customer segments and the desired strategic positioning requirements of the corporation.    

The Moxie Retail Team: 

  • Creates the physical manifestation of a brand to deliver a unique brand experience at all customer touch-points. The Moxie approach combines environmental design and Shopper Marketing disciplines to shape critical touch points along the path to purchase. The goal is to create distinct experiences that forge meaningful relationships.
  • Engages desired customers in a managed, pre-emptive shopping experience that has a prescribed order of events
  • Glorifies the product offering through the creation of a product dominant environment 
  • Differentiates the customer’s experience from competitive offerings and creates a market posture in the mind of the consumer 

Through positioning and differentiation, Moxie offers Retailers the commercial advantage over the competition.