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Ocean Marketing: The Epic Social Media Blunder

We've all heard about the power of social media. Generally it has either been in the context of funny viral content, such as the Old Spice campaign, or corporate stumbles such as the Gap logo redesign. Rarely do we get to witness a PR fiasco of epic proportion. 

Over this past Christmas break, Paul Christoforo took a run-of-the-mill inquiry from a customer known as "Dave" and turned it into a PR train wreck. You can read how the story unfolds here.

Within the span of a day, all of the social media channels were buzzing with news of this disaster. Twitter was trending @OceanMarketting & @OceanStratagy (Christoforo apparently doesn't spellcheck); Amazon reviews about the Avenger Controller were littered with comments about poor customer service & suggestions encouraging would-be buyers to “check online before you buy”; Revision3 had made a parody video; and someone had even created a real-time Google doc to track updates to the story. It was shocking how quickly this blew up. 

The Avenger Controller company scrambled to extinguish the internet firestorm surrounding their company, but they are still trying to move beyond this disaster. We can only hope that their new shift toward transparency and accountability will outweigh the damage done by Christoforo.