Walmart Canada Sets Its Sights on
Thursday, December 8, 2011 at 12:52PM
Moxie Editor


With few retailers sharing stories of great success through increasing same store sales and rising purchase percentages, online sales are heating up in Canada. By the close of this year, it is estimated that Canadians will have spent $18.5 billion online. That is a 12% increase over 2010. A pretty impressive figure in light of the current economic climate.

With annualized growth of this magnitude, increased awareness and attention to detail in the traditional bricks and mortar retailing arena will remain a high priority. Making the retail box profitable continues to be an ongoing challenge. Knowing where your products are in the retail environment and more important, where your customers are in your store will continue to pay off. The real opportunity will be in leveraging those insights with an active retailing approach –creating timely, customized and highly relevant offers– will clearly change how the consumer votes with their wallet.

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