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About Us 

Moxie is a collective of customer-centric professionals who are immersed in the retail experience. Our business team leaders are from numerous and diverse backgrounds that power the Moxie model. Multiple lenses are applied to each and every project ranging from sector related experience, to BI, to new metrics and analytics provided by the most modern innovation & technologies available.

The Moxie suite of services combines insights gathered from customer mapping, POS and loyalty data to create distinct communications and in-store environments that result in meaningful customer engagements. Available as stand alone offers or as a comprehensive package, our services include:

Customer Experience Design – Using Shopper Insights to underpin our solutions, we are able to create a compelling shopping experience for your brand. 

Customer Tracking – real-time mapping of the shopping experience we track customers in-store activity and overlay this data with basket contents to gain insight into how a shopping trip nets specific results.

Category Optimization – Using customer tracking and POS data the Moxie team uncovers opportunities to improve customer experience and store performance through SKU rationalization, adjacency adjustments and enhanced affinity alignment.

Customer Insights – Our approach employs a unique methodology to drive Loyalty Management initiatives. We use loyalty, POS and tracking data to form a clear picture of what, why and how customers buy. This information drives the insights that uncover the in-store behavior of your best customers. All of this allows us to determine how to best put the customer at the heart of your business.

How We Do It

Using relevant metrics and Shopper Insights, we are able to develop solutions through customer tracking, strategic retail design, exceptional category optimization and relationship management to nurture truly loyal customers. Our capabilities include the ability to influence and communicate with customers, pre and post purchase as well as “real-time”, during the shopping occasion. We use the most current communication mediums, integrated software/middleware and leading edge hardware solutions to deliver real-time messaging. We build the ultimate relationship management conduit to leverage your brand at all critical touch points.